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Carrol Suzuki - The Busineses of Listening Carrol Suzuki, Principal of Suzuki & Associates - The Business of Listening, is recognized as one of North America's premier business and workplace listening coaches, facilitators and specialists.

After a successful decade owning her own training business and delivering other people's work, Carrol woke up one day and asked herself - "what do I love and think would make a difference in people's work lives?" A quiet and persistent voice said - "a workplace that listens".

Now, Carrol is dedicated to working with organizations that know the value of leaders who listen exceptionally, and want to keep the people who care about what they do when they come to work. She coaches experienced and emerging leaders, high potential professionals, individual contributors, and project leaders looking to finesse their communication and influencing impact through listening at their best.

Successful workshops include, The Listening Advantage©: listening with intention;, The Listening Advantage in Work Search©: leveraging your best listening in a job interview; and The Listening Advantage for Leaders©: getting better results, more respect and stronger relationships.

With a Masters Degree in Adult Education, and as a long time member of the Institute for Performance and Learning, the International Listening Association and the International Coaches Federation, Carrol's work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, as well as choice, the magazine of professional coaching.



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